{Based on Using MS Excel, VBScript and MS Access}

{ by WA2HIP }    {(C) 2011, 2012, 2013}


      The WA2HIP Ham Log System has 3 major components. In this document, each component is thoroughly documented. Where applicable, references will be made to other components as to their relationship(s).

      The 3 major components are:
              1. Log Data Entry & Collection
              2. Processing of Logs into ADIF and delimited-text Files
              3. A MS Access Database for generating summaries, reports, and matrices

      The Log Data Entry and Collection is accomplished using MS Excel worksheets.

      There is 1 file per month. The logic is that a lost or corrupted file will minimally impact the quality of the data in the log. Naturally, backups are prudent.

      The Processing of Logs is accomplished by means of a Visual Basic Program.

      This program will produce ADIF files and tilde (~) delimited text files. There are 2 styles of each of these file types. The first contains a simple (minimal) set of data.

      The second contains several additional fields: Compass Heading, Distance, Latitude, Longitude, Grid Square, ITU & CQ Zones, State/Province (if applicable), Country, and several additional fields.

      The MS Access Database is an addition that will enable the user to query and present very many summaries, reports and matrices based on the log.

      Conplete documentation (40+ pages) is contained withing the dowload ZIP file

Download Zip File Here   (size approximately 1.9 Mb)

WA2HIP Log System Diagram

WA2HIP Log System Diagram